2nd Jan, 2011 – No Sun Day

Spent the whole day at home today. Apparently, this common cold that has been going around has come and settled firmly at our place. Both Vandu and I had a major case of the sniffles today with Vandu in particular down with fever especially in the afternoon. Both of us spent the entire day bundled up in shawls and blankets basically.
Had a good day otherwise, watched some cricket, no major food binge-ing and otherwise just well-rested for another week of work starting tomorrow. Also got the blog done and online. So overall, reasonably happy with the day.

Hope the Indian team finds three more good balls in them by EOD today. Will help polish off the Proteas’ under 300 which will leave day 2 and day 3 for India to score 500 and put them firmly under the wringer. Go Sachin. Go Laxman. Go Zaheer. Go Bhajji.

Have loads of work to-do this week.

  1. Gotta get the new website going at work (www.edelweissmf.com)
  2. Figure out where to park my car now that the old parking is gone 😦
  3. Get the weighing machine fixed ( Ref: TTD 1 since you can’t fix what you can’t measure)
  4. Get my bike fixed and get on it (TTD 2)
  5. Make air bookings for next trip before it’s too late (TTD 3)

3 thoughts on “2nd Jan, 2011 – No Sun Day

  1. The latent megalomania comes out! Its a good thing that the world is ending in 2012…imagine reading pun-kens for everyday till the EOL

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