Hello 2011 !

Jan 1st, 2011, Alibaug, Maharashtra

120 km and 5 hours (yes, both data points are accurate) from Mumbai. Went with about 15 friends and their wives and children. Great barbeque party at a villa to bring in the new year. Major overeating of freshly barbequed meat and veggies. Slept around 3, woke around 7 and following a leisurely breakfast, spent the entire day at Kashid beach playing cricket and pitthoo and then eating and drinking at the shacks. Started back for Mumbai at 7 and reached at midnight. Stopped at a dhaba along the way and had dinner. Forced break on account of a smoking engine. A nice stint of traffic vigilantee-ism on the way by knocking on car-windows of overeager overtakers and asking them, “Sir, are you in a greater hurry to get home than I am ?” in the politest manner possible.

All in all, a great day to begin what should be a good year and great decade.


One thought on “Hello 2011 !

  1. Very good, Ken’s pen. Just some mild corrections. That total number of people were 16 including Ken and his wife and 4 kids. So it should be 15 friends with their wives and/or husbands and/or children and/or parents. 🙂 And it was a great music collection from Ken that rocked the party. Happy new year.

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