Sach in Time – Moment of Truth

Here we go again. Last test in the South Africa series –Indian hopes kindled by the heroism of the boxing day test, Indian team down with the loss of Sehwag and Dravid (28 for 2),the Proteas’ bowlers’ tails up, Steyn and friends breathing fire, everything at stake. Who you gonna call ? If this were Wankhede, the crowd would be going “Sacheeeen Sacheeeen”. In the Wankhede of my mind, that is all I can hear now “Sacheeeen Sacheeeen”

For Sachin it is who needs to stand up and be counted. India prays and dreams of yet another “moment of truth”. Asking Laxman to deliver India single-handedly again would be asking too much (even for the great Hyderabadi). He has looked in great touch in the series so far, except for playing silly, extravagant strokes that he has been able to afford under cover of this magnificent line-up over the last 5 years or so. But now, the clock has gone back 10 years and it’s back to the time when it was Sachin out, India out.

Also, great great knock by Kallis. Took the toss advantage completely away from India. Will ensure that India has to work for a series victory. Which is only to be expected of him and South Africa – they were never going to hand anything over on a platter. Not in their own backyard.

On my way home from office, hope to get home to see Sachin knocking off a regulation century by EOD today. All five fingers crossed XXXXX. Other hand too XXXXX


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