SIMplify – What an Idea, Idea !

Two consecutive posts  involving telecom advertising. Guess it IS the most prominent form of advertising there is in India. Especially the Idea campaigns. Some are great, some are good, some average but the overall campaign is fast becoming the equivalent of the Amul campaign from the 80’s. Which is to say, that the company seems to love the campaign and the creative guys come out with brilliantly creative ads constantly – whether or not that adds anything to sales is almost irrelevant – it has just become a brand feature ! Utterly idea-l, utterly amul.

What an Idea, Sirji !

I found the “aaj se sab apne number se jaane jaayenge” idea in particular to be completely fantastic. Issue every kid a mobile number at birth and abolish names and surnames that cause divisions. No more Singh versus Khan or Patel versus Pantwalla (though when looking up the video on Youtube I did find the smart aleck comment that if this did get implemented then the world would divide along mobile subscriptions – Idea users versus Airtel users versus Vodafone users – hilarious).  And it does make sense too, in a world where everything is mobile/telecom, why not ? All it would require is for number portability to come in and this could be reality.

Where has number portability disappeared to anyways ?

Wasn’t India supposed to introduce number portability in the last quarter of 2010 ? Aren’t we in 2011 already ? While the new year partying and the amount of political activity and journalism has left both me and the government in a bit of a tizzy, I hope this does come around soon. Will allow those stuck with a sucky telecom provider and wanting to retain their number some relief (Is “Right to a decent mobile signal” a fundamental right yet ?) Will also probably improve the overall quality of service by telecom providers in India and allow me to continue talking to my wife or mom when I go over a flyover in Mumbai (Sorry – I got carried away in complete flights of fancy there)

Many instruments, one number, one telecom relationship

I have a landline at home, a broadband connection, a data card and a blackberry. Have resisted the iPad/iPhone so far but quite a few people have that as well. Don’t see any reason why cars cannot have wi-fi connections and make our connected life  complete. In an ideal world, all these would be one telecom relationship (Is Bharti/Idea/MTNL/Vodafone listening ?). Would be simpler paying the bills and would probably reduce the overheads significantly (all my connections seem to have between 99 and 299 rupees as minimum billing). For multiple mobiles that could mean having multiple SIMs for the same number. Cannot be that difficult technologically. Plus the first company to introduce this would clean up marketshare in percentage points in a market where they are currently fighting for basis points of marketshare.

What an Idea, Sirji!


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