Amazing how far a rupee can go

For today’s post, I have reproduced a letter I received yesterday from my friend Prashant. I know Prashant and Ads for many years now and they are among my closest friends. I can without hesitation tell you that when Aditi endorses Vatsalya, she knows what she is talking about. She has spent the better part of the last 3 years working with several such organisations and volunteering her time and her health for a number of such causes. Most of us worry about how and where our money actually goes when we contribute – and hence do not contribute. Aditi personally works with Vatsalya and it is amazing to hear from her about the work this organisation does. It may or may not be the best organisation in its field but it is definitely a genuinely good organisation – and that is enough for me. It is also simple enough, click the link below to transfer money only and you’re done. As Prashant writes in his mail, it is amazing how far a rupee can go in such organisations.  Every rupee counts ! Oh and for the record, Prashant has run the marathon every year since its inception, so in case you are worrying about him not completing – he definitely will 🙂 You have my word on that – GO PRASHANT !

Dear friends,

In keeping with the spirit of the Mumbai Marathon next Sunday (Jan 16th), I will be running for The Vatsalya Foundation which works towards the development of street children. Most of these children come from environments filled with abuse & exploitation.

My wife, Aditi, personally spends 2 days a week with Vatsalya & it is amazing to see the effort that particularly goes towards making the families of pavement dwellers realize the importance of their support towards their children. Vatsalya provides these kids with education, counseling, healthcare, skill training and most importantly the ability to raise their own voices towards fulfilling their rights.  Various recreational programmes help children to bring out their creativity and channelize their energies in the right direction. You can get more information about Vatsalya from their website .

If you would like to contribute to the Vatsalya foundation, please use the link below to transfer funds online. You need to click on the link towards the bottom of the page with the picture.

I would kindly request you to contribute any amount that you wish to; no amount is too small or too large. You would be amazed at how every rupee counts in some parts of society.

Please make your contribution before Jan 15th; I think the site will stop accepting contributions after that. Also, all contributions (above Rs.100) will qualify for 50% deduction from income-tax under section 80-G of the income tax act; they will email you the tax receipt for this immediately.

This is also a humble request to forward this email to all those whom you think would be willing to contribute to this cause.

Thanks and regards




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