Where were you on 25th June 1983 ? Where will you be on 2nd April 2011 ??

Tomorrow is going to be one of those days!

Where were you the day India won the world cup ? Where were you the day Rajiv Gandhi was assasinated ? Where were you on the day of the Mumbai Blasts ? Days that get etched into our collective and personal memories in a very special brand of indelible ink.  An ink that cannot be erased by time or age or anything else. You remember everything about days like these. I remember I woke up in the morning early that day….. I remember I was sitting and having a chai with my friend who was wearing half-pants… I remember I was in a train and had just got down at Ankola station to fill my water bottle when someone told me…..I remember everything about that day.

Where will you be on the day Sachin wins us the world cup at wankhede ? Who will you be going completely ape-crazy nuts with ? Tomorrow is going to be one of those days – I know it. I hope it. I wish it. I pray it. As the line goes,” It is written.”

But you already knew that, didn’t you ?

Well, so did I. But the point of this post is slightly different. As things stand today, I have at least 4 distinct options of watching the match tomorrow. Some office guys are getting together to watch the match at the Comedy Store. Some others are going to go to the Mumbai Cricket association where they’re putting up giant screens apparently. The incumbent plan was that I would watch the match with my wife and my closest friends at one of our homes (Just like we watched the semis -which was wonderful fun). And finally, the last option which got created an hour back. Someone has just come and offered me the Holy Grail – access to the most-impossible-to-get-stadium-tickets at a price equivalent to the average GDP per capita of our country. And corporate box seats are priced at the average GDP per capita of Abu Dhabi. Too many options – a serious decision problem. And one faced by every one of the guys around me. Who should I watch the world cup with ? Should I watch at home or should I go to one of these public bashes being held everywhere by every restaurant, club and theatre.

Too many options ? What to choose ? It’s difficult to choose – well not really ?

But as my friend Suresh pointed out last week, what is the point going to watch the match with strangers when you have the option of watching it at home with your closest friends. And when you think about it in that context, the choice becomes easy enough. Watch the match tomorrow with your closest buddies and family – wherever they might be. If they’re at a pub, go there. If they’re at a theatre go there. If they’re at someone’s home – go there. For I have this feeling you’re going to remember this day forever, every little bit of it. And would you rather fill your indelible memories with images of your family and closest friends or would you fill them with a bunch of unknown louts screaming and shouting incessantly. The choice is clear – no stadium for me. No random pub or office party (And now that I have saved so much money, I might even by able to afford the chocolate muffin from Theobroma’s that I have always thought of buying for my wife 🙂

Go Dhoni. Get the world cup. Call me in if you think my slow-turning leg breaks will work tomorrow. With your luck, I’ll end up taking 7 wickets and scoring a quick 32 in 14 balls.

Go Viru. We need you to take care of Malinga.

Go Gambhir. Murali has had his share of memorable send-offs. He’s even won a world cup. Keep this one away from his manic eyes and magic fingers.

Go Zak. If you can get Graeme Smith, you can get Sangakkara.

Go India.

Don’t Go Sachin. Stay there. Play 50 overs. Let the others smash and bludgeon their way around you. Get 140 in 163 balls. Win it all at Wankhede. Please.

Don’t go Sachin. I hope there’s no intention of hanging up your boots even if you win tomorrow. Or if you don’t for that matter. You’re still the best batsman in India by a fair mile. We’ll need you in Australia in 2015 too 🙂

And lastly, Prediction time

We will win the world cup. But it isn’t going to be given to us by Sri Lanka. There’s no implosion happening tomorrow. There’s no getting through the top 4 and soft lower order there like everyone seems to be suggesting. Sri Lanka is a solid solid team that will play to potential. We’ll have to play to ours.

There is no batting order in the world that is as powerful as the current India line-up. Without really clicking in any match but the opener in Bangladesh, India has still managed to put up scores ranging from 260 to 330. But tomorrow that will not do. If we bat first, we’ll put up 350 and bat them out of the match. If we bat second, we’ll be chasing 292 and go out and get it. There is no option.

It is written.


5 thoughts on “Where were you on 25th June 1983 ? Where will you be on 2nd April 2011 ??

  1. Its difficult to explain why but I simply am not thinking will we or not – its as if I know and everyone knows we are the winners the 8 hours are just a formality ….
    Just before the match started full swing I was flipping channels and what a fitting start that I saw the last 10 mins of Chak De …

    May the God of cricket finally emerge victorious we owe it to him to win this one …

  2. well said my friend well said!

    what an apt world cup finals, what a fitting world cup champion side and what nerves of steel from Gautam, Kohli and Dhoni! SL must have felt like hitting against a wall in the 2nd half …

    and your predictions were not way off (I am sure in your heart you knew Sachin won’t click!)

  3. To be honest, the romantic in me believed that Sachin would score a big one and settle it because I was sure that they would make it difficult and it would need everyone to contribute. Ah well! I’ll take this just as gladly. And hats off to the intensity of the team. They were just ready for anything that was thrown at them. Heart warming stuff 🙂

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