Introduction to Brokers Please Excuse

Link to

Making Renting easy, convenient and fun

So we’re off. Finally.

The teaser site for is ready and up on the great big cloud in the sky. It has a short 30 second video that features our friend Monica doing her utmost to entertain you. In the background, we’ve tried to explain what we’re doing and why landlords and tenants should come to us. You can watch the video and join the community on (If you’re viewing on a mobile device, you can watch the video on our youtube channel).

As we go through this process of creating a community of landlords and tenants interacting directly, we would like to have as many of our friends along as possible. Your wishes, comments, suggestions, ideas and general feedback is most appreciated and eagerly sought. Request you to please join in through the site so that we can keep you abreast of all new developments. Also, please share this introductory site with any friends, family or associates that you think will or could benefit from this (or even just enjoy watching Monica).

Will keep you posted on future developments.

Waiting to hear from you.



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