The university of the future



The good looking gentleman above is part of a young startup website called Yet another website you might say. Unique because it doesn’t have a direct precedent locally or globally. Publishes content associated with education, puts up job notices for companies (including us) and in general keeps trying a bunch of stuff. On some of these things, there are other competitors in the field with better technology, higher focus and most importantly, bigger budgets. Look at however with another set of glasses on. For the purpose of this article, let me contrast it with any regular management college. puts up content all around the field of general management. It has gone to a couple of reputed teaching institutes and created genuine content that it distributes for free (just like MIT or most other modern colleges). It goes to start-ups and exciting companies willing to step outside the traditional comfort zone and persuades them to give jobs to people applying through In fact, it goes a step further and helps companies distill these applications and represents these companies to the right candidates. Much like the placement co-ordinator in most colleges. It allows experts in various fields to put up curated content on so that students (=readers of are able to benefit from their experience. Much like visiting faculty of colleges. Ankit puts up world views and his takes on various unconnected things from the next prime ministerial candidate to the next few things that will go extinct on his facebook page. Much like the brilliant professor who plays badminton with students and through out-of-classroom discussions helps shape their world view (Education not schooling). And does all of this without a building, without a campus and without need for students to take time out of their jobs. One fine day, Ankit could start quizzing users on each article and scoring these. Those who attain passing grades over an entire year could be given graduation certificates. How is this any different from a university or college. Except that the classes have infinite capacity and the students can attend at their own convenience.

The most incredible part about is the energy of the team and what they have been able to do in such a short space of time. This is a massive change in how this business (education) could just be blown away by a team of highly committed individuals armed with a radical new business model.

All the best Team InsideIIM. Live long and prosper.


3 thoughts on “The university of the future

  1. InsideIIM, undoubtedly is proving to me, on personal level, a substance of immense importance. The well categorized reports, the frequent(yet aptly timed) articles about the MBA life and the things beyond are unmatched (Pagal is chaos). As an aspirant(and otherwise) I have true regards for Team (as it turns out, only Ankit?) :).
    Thanks a lot and wish you great success.

    PS: Hoping to be part of this intellectual share-train soon.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Ken! This is the first time someone has invested 400+ words and probably 30 mins of his life writing about us. Touching 🙂

    However, it would be unfair to give credit only to me for what InsideIIM is today. There are 2 employees now and many people (graduates from top schools in India) who put in substantial time in making the website run. I cannot mention a lot of them because they have full time jobs and do no wish to be named (company policy prohibits them from working elsewhere etc.) We also have a lot of students working with us on short term assignments.

    A long way to go before we truly make easy access to quality education for all. We are probably 2% in our journey. With help from people like Ken, we will only grow faster 🙂

  3. Came to know of InsideIIM very recently. Its so insightful and well-organized that I became an instant fan. Just two words, ‘Hats Off’. Keep the good work going Ankit

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