About Ken

This is Ken – a soft-spoken gentleman who is deeply interested in almost everything from German measles and Swiss army knives to Sunil Gavaskar and Vijender Singh.

This blog is a generic blog about anything and everything that Ken be classified as interesting. It includes numerous, painful, aggravating puns that take advantage of the fact that one ken easily use the word ken instead of can. Apologies in advance for that. Also, there is a liberal overuse of the letter k in a fairly kapricious manner Apologies into two for that.

There are also various intellectual polls for you to stimulate your rapidly greying cells. Please do participate enthusiastically and vigorously as we are highly interested in your feedback.

Lastly, this blog also has updates on where Ken is, what

ken is doing, what ken just ate and other such highly interesting and important pieces of information. The reason for shifting them to wordpress is that Ken is paranoid that global warming might result in the facebook headquarters going underwater. Hence, the same useless information that you usually glean from Ken’s facebook status updates and wall is now available here in even more wordy fashion. You’re welcome all.

For the record, as on 2nd Jan, 2011, Ken is a 34.16666666666… year old Indian male who was “Made in Ludhyana” by John and Jessica Serrao (explains the Punjabi accent and the incredible intellect) and is currently married to Dr. Vandana – Till cricket do us part.

Lastly, the editorial team found it important to mention that Ken is currently very upset. That is because when he went to Punjab last week, he found that his good friend Santa was completely broke. Apparently, he got 73,000 letters from kids all over the world asking for presents (Dear Santa, For Christmas this year, I would like…..) and assuming they must be relatives or something, sent them all those gifts….. Ken has written to the hone-waala-prime-minister ki maa in protest…

P.S. There’s a free pun in punjab.

P.A.S. There’s no I in Ludhyana