Things to do NOW- and forever

This is intended to be a public list of things that Ken wants to do (henceforth referred to as TTD – Things To Do). All of you are requested to assist him in whichever way in achieving these. Please feel free to respond with comments and feedback on any or all of these.

TTD 1. Lose weight – Get to 75 kgs.

2010 marks the end of many years of hoping that Ken was merely too short and he would yet grow to be 6 ft 2 in tall (his optimum height according to doctors height-weight charts). It now seems possible that Ken has stopped growing any further in height. Hence, grudgingly, Ken has taken on the more difficult route of losing weight to get to the optimum H/W combo. Please help him by saying “75” to Ken each time you see him with a vada-pav or tapri chai.

TTD 2 Exercise Regularily

Related to TTD 1. Could have been ttd1.1 but have preferred to put this as TTD 2. Easy to measure on a daily basis.

TTD 3 Spend more time with friends and family

An unhappy fall-out of being poorly organized has caused time spent with family and friends to be far lower than optimum. Is probably TTD 1 in terms of priority and importance.

TTD 4 Get Organized

Derivative of TTD 3. Β Just an important thing for getting health in order.

TTD 5 Push Yourself

Stop making excuses. You have enough time. It can be done. As adidas’s ad ( πŸ™‚ ) goes, “Impossible“. Or Nike’s, “Just do it” Play a bigger game. Youngistan ka WoW. (Note to self – gotta reduce TV Ad viewing time also πŸ™‚ )

TTD 6 Create a Blog – DONE – that’s the spirit !

Keep it going. Aim to update every day if possible but every week for sure.


6 thoughts on “Things to do NOW- and forever

  1. Hahaha @ TTD1!!! πŸ˜€
    It’s funny how the reverse TTD would work for me. After years of hoping that I’d shrink in order to achieve the optimum HW combination, in this new decade I resolve to put on some weight. Scream 50 the next time you see me! πŸ™‚
    Where’s that “decade”nt philadelphia cheese cake when you need it?! πŸ˜›

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